Our Story

Years of tea and biscuits have bought us to this part of our career. Be part of the next.


Your needs come before ours.
It is no good us designing something not fit for your purpose so tell us your ideas.


While we are passionate about what we do, we are always happy to change things. This is your project first and foremost.


Together we are able to create just what you need, within a budget that allows you to develop your project further.

Seeing is Understanding

A picture speaks a thousand words.

More samples can be seen on our portfolio page. We are constantly adding to this section but if what you are looking for is not there then why not drop us a line, I sure we have just what you are after.
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Line to Design Ltd have been lucky enough to work with some of the countries best photographers, true geniuses in their field of vision. This skill is something we at Line to Design Ltd are still passionate about, especially in today’s digital world. We only work with the best. Having a stunning eye catching image is just as important as the information that follows it.

Say Cheese


Line to Design Ltd have helped produce some amazing film and video over the years. Working with many brands from drinks manufacturers and fashion brands. Creating instructional videos for use within training schemes. YouTube and Vimeo allow customers a great insight into your brand via your channel. Let us show you how we can help you in this ever changing fast paced medium.



Line to Design Ltd have the talents in house to turn that image into something truly amazing. Working on images that have graced many of the UK’s billboards and high end fashion magazines. Creative retouching is more than just a clone tool.
Film editing is a dark art of timing and imagination, creating the atmosphere and mood for your brand to shine out from.

it’s all smoke and mirrors

Loving Good Ideas

Our Team

Line to Design Ltd are made up of many talents from various areas in the Advertising industry.
We are sure there is one person here who is perfect for your project.



Lee is the man to turn to when we need to make it work. As technology changes and means of social communication happen, Lee is our mole digging around the internet.



David is our house maverick. His view on the world is as random as his choice of biscuits but a genius he is none the less. His ideas are always fun so be prepared for something different.



Isabel, our financial controller makes sure we spend your budget wisely. Always getting the best possible rate for you. Creatives need someone with a keen eye on the budgets.

Logic will take you from A to B
Imagination will take you anywhere.
Albert Einstein

Who do you love?

Line to Design are also proud of our design ideas. Here is a chance for you to show your style. Share or like our site with a friend or colleague, show them just who has knees like a bee.

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