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Rebranding Your Image:

The aim of a re brand…

is to crystallize current perceptions and unify the messages about what your public image stands for, what it does and what its interests are. With the hope that this will attract like-minded people that want to do business with you.
How to go about this colossal task?

We pride ourselves on the craft element of our work, but we realise that you should not underplay the amount of strategic thinking that we put into our projects, developing and shaping solutions for every clients individual requirement. We needed to fully acknowledge that our thinking plays an equally important role in the crafting of a new rebrand.

Establish clear values and explore what they mean and don’t mean. These are important values and the outward expression forms the foundations for great design.

Rebranding can be fraught with difficulties. We are agile and diverse enough to offer many new solutions to clients.
Being true to who you are rather than trying to be all things to all people.
As companies evolve and grow, so should their public image. With this in mind we always respect the work that has gone before us making you the brand you are and always prefer to build on the passions the company was founded upon but with fresh thinking and our new approach.

Fanny sends her love

Enjoy the process of a rebrand. Give us a call to arrange a visit at a time that is conveient to you.

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